Apart from Burgundy, which is the main and most developed pinot noir area in France, this grape can also be found in other regions.


Although Alsace is mostly known for its white wines, cool climate of the Rhine Valley is also favorable for pinot noir. Alsace pinot noir tend to be of lighter color and body.


Champagne white sparkling wines are made either from Chardonnay (called Blanc de Blanc), or pinot noir (called Blanc de Noir). White wine from pinot noir is created by maceration of the grape juice only, without skins that will give the dark color.

South France

Pinot noir is also grown in the southern region of France, particularly in Languedoc, where it has been more recently brought, compared to centuries old tradition in Burgundy or Champagne.

Loire Valley

Pinot Noir is the red grape of the Centre-Loire, most famous in red Sancerre but also in Menetou-Salon and Châteaumeillant. These tend to be lighter wines than one often associates with this grape.

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