Happy New Year from I love pinot noir

Ilovepinotnoir.com wishes you a happy new year, great success, health and lot’s of wonderful pinot noir. We will continue to explore the wonderful World of Pinot noir from all over the World. 2020 was a year of no or little travel, but driking Pinot noir from another region or country is like taking a little trip through the bottle.

2020 was the birth of ilovepinotnoir.com, 2021 will introduce new features including more about growing regions, as well as the tasting notes for Pinot noir. To keep in touch, please register to the newsletter (on the left side) or follow our facebook or twitter. Once again, happy new year from ilovepinotnoir.com

Pinot noir by another name

Pinot noir is the main name for our favorite grape, but it is sometimes translated into the local language, or designated by another name altogether. Here are a few names

  • Savagnin Noir in the French Jura and French speaking Switzerland
  • Although it’s often called Bourgogne Pinot noir, pinot noir from Burgundy maybe simply referred as Bourgogne
  • Bourguignon in some part of France, though rarely used
  • Blanc de Noir is the Champagne wine made from pinot noir grapes
  • Pinot Nero or Pignola in Italy
  • Spätburgunder in Germany, Blauburgunder in Germany, Austria and German speaking Switzerland
  • Nagyburgundi in Hungary
  • Modri Pinot in Slovakia