La Paulée

Pinot noir should always be enjoyed in good company. Mixing white and red from Burgundy, Chardonnay and mostly Pinot noir. This pictures is a display of many of the top names of Burgundy wines, 1er Cru and Grand Cru.

La Paulée is a kind of Burgundy party, taking its name from the original Paulée de Meursault. Each guest must bring at least one bottle of his favorite Burgundy and share with friends. This makes great memories and great parties.

Record sales at Hospices de Beaune

The 2020 Hospices de Beaune wine sales was supposed to take place on 15th Nov 2020. It was postponed at the last minute to 13th December but did not disappoint.

This particular sales was really special due to CoVid pandemic. Most people expected the wine prices to get down a bit from the last years steep increase. In fact, prices remained very stable compared to last year, apart from the president’s barrel “La pièce des présidents” that went for 660.000 euros to an anonymous Chinese buyer represented by Maison Albert Bichot. Other bidders added 120.000 euros and 20.000 euros, making it a 780.000 euros donation for the French hospitals.

The total amount of the sale is €13,438,700. 630 barrels were on offer this year, comprising 50 different cuvées, 33 red and 17 white. The total number was 474 red wine barrels and 156 white wine barrels.